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Intro to Adult Acne

Acne is often thought of as a teenage dilemma, and while it is true that acne appears most often during the teenage years, it is arguably just as true that there are a growing number of individuals who suffer… Read More

Common Dermatology Conditions Explained

Have you ever experienced a skin abnormality and wondered to yourself what is this? Only to find yourself plugging in your symptoms into an online body map to come back and convince yourself that death is near and that the worst that can happen is happening. Not so fast there Ace. In this post we touch on some common dermatology conditions, ways to seek treatment, and what these common skin conditions mean in terms more easily understandable.  

Face Mapping & What Your Skin Might Be Trying to Tell You

  Do you ever wonder why certain areas of your face or skin break out more often than others? Well, according to the concept of face mapping, acne flare ups and their location may mean more than just… Read More

What is Virtual Acne and How Does It Work?

Virtual Acne is an online dermatology platform that gives you access to a board certified Dermatologist more than ever before. We are based out of Spokane, WA but we currently serve 7 U.S. states which include CA, DC,… Read More

Different Types of Acne

When it comes to acne there are many different types. It’s always useful to know what you are dealing with in order to apply the proper methods for treatment. Today, we are going to go over the different types… Read More

Virtual Acne Taking Steps to Meet Demand

Spokane’s Dr. Monte Zarlingo was selected to pitch at the Spokane Angel Alliance luncheon today about Virtual Dermatologic / Virtual Acne and the benefits of teledermatology and how we will meet the supply and demand of the Dermatology… Read More

Acne Don’t!

Picking and Popping! We have all committed this crime at some point throughout our lives and we am here to tell you why you shouldn’t! Picking and popping is one of the worst things you can do for… Read More