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Cold Weather Skin Tips


  1. Change up your Moisturizer

Moisturizing is a key winter skin tip. The moisturizer you use in Spring/Summer may not be as effective when it comes to the cold weather season depending on the region you reside in. It’s important to reevaluate your skin care routine as the seasons change in order to make adjustments accordingly. A lot of time, people are plagued with dry skin this time of year so switching to a thicker moisturizer may be essential. If you skin is feeling tight, dry, flaky, and overall uncomfortable it’s probably time to make the change.

  1. Slather on the Sunscreen

Even though its cooler outside and you don’t see the sun as often, it’s very important to protect your skin from the sun’s harmful rays. This doesn’t necessarily mean to cover your body from head to toe in sunscreen but more over cover the exposed areas such as yours hands and face. Remember to always use a broad spectrum sunscreen, and to reapply frequently if you’re staying outdoors often.

  1. Take Care of your Hands

I think we can all relate to dry hands in the winter. The skin on your hands is thinner with fewer oil glands thus making it harder to keep your hands moist in the cold and dry winter months. Dry hands can lead to cracking which in turn can be very painful. Wear gloves when headed outdoors to protect your skin from the elements.

  1. Avoid Hot Baths and Showers

Oh a hot bath or shower on a cold day. Who doesn’t love that? Unfortunately this one goes hand in hand with the dry skin cold weather curse. Hot water breaks down the lipid barrier, striping your skin of moisture resulting in dry, itchy, and tight feeling skin. If you absolutely need a quick pick me up, take a warm shower and keep it short and sweet. To help your skin retain moisture, apply moisturizer immediately after a shower will help lock moisture in.


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11 Vital Skin Tips for Your 20’s


  1. Use a Gentle Cleanser

When it comes to cleansing your skin it’s always best to go with a mild cleanser unless directed otherwise by a dermatologist or your doctor. It’s important to pick a cleanser that works with your skin type such as normal, oily, combination, and so on so forth.

  1. Cleanse Twice Daily

Cleansing twice daily is extremely important when it comes to the care of your skin. As you sleep your skin repairs itself known as cell turnover. Where your skin produces new skin cells traveling from the lowest epidermis to the top, shedding the dead skin cells off.  When you fail to cleanse the skin prior to bed or in the morning when you wake you are not allowing your skin to breathe and get the full effects of this cell turnover thus resulting in break outs, lackluster appearance, bags under the eyes, and much more.

  1. Invest in a Good Eye Cream

You are never too young to invest in a good eye cream. Eye creams serve many benefits and purpose for protecting, rejuvenating, and moisturizing such delicate skin.

  1. Wear Sunscreen Every Day

Need I say more? Sunscreen every day is the one part in your skin care routine you should never miss. All exposed areas of the skin should be protected especially your face. This helps with skin cancer prevention, dark spots, and aging. You can never be too careful. Be sure to find a good sunscreen that works for you. There are many moisturizers and cosmetics in stores that have a SPF with broad spectrum protection which is important.  Just because the sun isn’t shining doesn’t mean those harmful rays aren’t going to reach your skin.

  1. Remove Your Cosmetics Every Night – No Exceptions

This relates back to the cleansing twice daily. Completely remove your cosmetics every night no matter what. Just think about how much you’ve touched your face throughout the day or your phone to your face. There is so much potential to transfer bacteria it’s important to cleanse your skin putting yourself at less risk for clogged pores, acne prone skin, and premature aging. Crunched for time? Super exhausted? Keep facial cleansing/cosmetic removing wipes by the bed so you never have to worry.

  1. Drink Plenty of Water

Water is truly amazing when it comes to the care of your skin and really your overall health in general. It is essential to stay hydrated in order to promote healthy cell turnover. While drinking water isn’t a cure all for dry skin and staying moisturized, it sure helps in the process. So stay hydrated but don’t forget to pamper your skin with a good daily moisturizer.

  1. Get Your Beauty Rest: It’s a Real Thing

Go ahead say it, “I need my beauty rest”. Feels good doesn’t it? It’s important to get an adequate amount of sleep every night. As I state on the cleansing twice daily point, the night time is prime time for your skin when it comes to cell turnover and repairing itself. If you are not getting a full nights rest then you are depriving your skin of some much needed repair time. When you don’t get enough sleep it shows on your skin. Check out this article on The Truth about Beauty Sleep.

  1. Incorporate Retinol into Your Routine

There are many benefits to the use of Retinol in a daily skin care routine. Not only are they great for an anti-aging regimen, they are also great for treating acne. If you are interested in learning more about retinol and how it can work for you consult with one of our board certified Dermatologist today.

  1. Exfoliate at Least Once a Week

Exfoliation is a wonderful thing when it comes to your skin. It’s very important to take in the type of skin you have and your current skin situation when introducing exfoliation as you don’t want to irritate the skin and cause further problems. If you have acne prone skin, dryness, or redness we recommend talking with a Dermatologist first to see what’s best for you.

  1. Pamper Yourself

You heard it, or read it shall I say. Pamper yourself and never look back! Get a facial to help rejuvenate, refresh, and pamper that gorgeous skin of yours.  If you are in the Spokane area be sure to check out Werschler Aesthetics.

  1. Keep an Eye on Skin Changes

Especially when it comes to moles. Spot anything that seems questionable then be sure to visit your Dermatologist right away.

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6 Daily Habits Aging your Skin

6 Daily Habits Aging your Skin

By Meagan Anne Hegler

Aging can be tough but luckily with early preventative measures it doesn't have to be. Here are six daily habits that may be aging your skin.

  • Stress

    By Meagan Anne Hegler

    We all know this one too well; stress wreaks havoc on the body from the inside out.  Stress is also one of the main culprits for premature aging. There are so many factors involved linking stress to premature aging. Stress on the job, stress at home, the anticipation of a stressful situation, the list goes on and on.  So how do we tackle this problem? By reducing stress which is easier said than done, right? My favorite and ultimate stress reliever is exercise it’s like black magic for the soul. Here are some helpful [tips]( for managing stress:1.       Meditate.2.       Breathe deeply.3.       Be present.4.       Reach out. 5.       Tune into your body. 6.       Decompress. 7.       Laugh out loud. 8.       Crank up the tunes.9.       Get moving. 10.   Be grateful. Want more details on the effects of stress on the body: Check out [this informative article]( 

  • Smoking

    By Meagan Anne Hegler

    Ever heard anyone say smoking was good for you? Me either. There is nothing about smoking that is good for the body. When you smoke you are breathing toxins and carcinogens into the body which have highly drastic and harmful effects over time. The chemicals in cigarettes cause the blood vessels to narrow which can impair blood flow to the skin depriving your skin of oxygen, and important nutrients like vitamin A. Naturally overtime the collagen and elastin in your skin starts to break down, smoking speeds up this process which in turn results in wrinkles, sagging, and prematurely aged skin. [More information here.]( 

  • Lack of Sleep

    By Meagan Anne Hegler

    Bedtime is a beautiful thing when it comes to your skin. It’s the time your skin cells repair and renew themselves revealing that gorgeous glow which is also known as cell turnover. Cell turnover is really important when it comes to the production of collagen and elastin. As we age this process slows down but there are many things we can do such as exfoliate to aide in the process. So when you lack an adequate amount of sleep your skin doesn’t get a chance to fully engage in this process leaving you with a less than satisfactory dull and dry appearance. In order for your skin to repair damaged cells you need to reach deeper states of sleep. Check out this article from [Everyday Health]( on the effects of sleep deprivation and your skin. 

  • Not Wearing Sunscreen

    By Meagan Anne Hegler

    Not wearing sunscreen will speed up the process of not only premature aging but it also puts you at risk for skin cancer. In the fight against aging sunscreen and moisturizer or a combo of the two should be a skin care staple. Just because it’s cooling down outside doesn’t mean you should skip this part of the process. Sunscreen should be applied 365 days a year as UV rays are still present in the winter. Focus on the areas of the skin that are exposed the most such as your hands, neck, and face which also happen to be the 3 main areas you begin to see aging.

  • Poor Diet

    By Meagan Anne Hegler

    Having a poor diet has many effects on the body from stress, weight gain/weight loss, inflammation, and so on so forth. When you eat a diet that is poor you deprive your body and your skin of the vitamins and nutrients that it needs to replenish and repair itself. Things like alcohol consumption can lead to fine lines and wrinkles due to dehydration of the skin. So how do we change this? Drink more water and eat a diet full of colorful nutrient dense veggies.

  • Using the Wrong Products

    By Meagan Anne Hegler

    Using the wrong products for your skin has its effect. When starting any skin care routine it’s important to take into account the type of skin you have and what products are going to be more suitable for you. Using the wrong products can cause an inflammatory response leading to redness, irritation, acne prone skin, and more. Sometimes it’s simply just best to let a Dermatologist take the guess work out of finding products and a skincare regimen that is right for you. [Consult]( with one of board certified [Dermatologists]( today and receive your personalized treatment plan in less than 24 hrs.  Have an iOS device? Access us in the [app store]( today. 

5 Tips to Combat Oily Skin

5 Tips to Combat Oily Skin

By Meagan Anne Hegler

When figuring out a skin care regimen that is going to work for you it's important to take into account the type of skin you have. Since we all at one point or another have combated oily skin here are 5 tips to follow when dealing with oily skin.

  • Cleanse your Skin Twice Daily

    By Meagan Anne Hegler

    It’s important to cleanse your skin twice daily with a gentle cleanser made specifically for oily skin or combination to oily to help combat and strip away excess oil. The best cleansers for oily skin are gel based that foam such as Cerave foaming facial cleanser.

  • Use a Toner

    By Meagan Anne Hegler

    Use a toner to pick up left over makeup, dirt, oil, and even cleanser you may have missed. Toning daily will help in the process of eliminating oil from your skin. 

  • Exfoliate

    By Meagan Anne Hegler

    Exfoliating your skin should be a part of your weekly skin care routine. Exfoliation helps remove dead skin cells and encourages cell turnover giving your skin that gorgeous glow. When you fail to exfoliate you get buildup on the surface of your skin as well as in your pores putting you at risk for acne, blackheads, so on and so forth leaving your skin with a dull appearance. You should aim to exfoliate anywhere from 1 to 2 times a week while being careful not to over scrub and cause irritation. 

  • Sunscreen Everyday

    By Meagan Anne Hegler

    Sunblock helps combat oil production and the shine while protecting your skin. It’s important to choose a sunscreen that’s right for your skin when it comes to lathering up. There are many sunscreens on the market made specifically for your face so find one that’s right for you. 

  • Moisturize

    By Meagan Anne Hegler

    Like cleansing moisturizing should happen twice daily. Once after your early morning cleanse and also in the evening prior to bed. While many believe that moisturizing makes oily skin worse, it’s truly quite the opposite. When you strip your skin of moisture it encourages your sebaceous glands to produce more oil. 

  • Want a plan tailored for you?

    By Meagan Anne Hegler

    Visit us at and start your consult with one of our board certified Dermatologist's today!

Face Mapping & What Your Skin Might Be Trying to Tell You


Acne face mapping and what your skin may be trying to tell you

Do you ever wonder why certain areas of your face or skin break out more often than others? Well, according to the concept of face mapping, acne flare ups and their location may mean more than just another blemish. What is face mapping? Face mapping is a form of skin analysis that helps us to understand the causes of spots or breakouts. While face mapping can help you discover underlying issues don’t be so quick to jump to conclusion when analyzing your breakouts. Allow some time to pass in order to rule out poor hygiene or skin infections. If you are still experiencing symptoms after 7 days then it’s time to consult with a Dermatologist to get to the root of the problem.

If you would like to create an acne face map to track your acne then there are several zones that you should pay attention to such as:

  • Forehead
  • Cheeks
  • Nose
  • Chin
  • Around the eyes
  • Around the ears

Keep a journal of where you break out and then map where the breakouts occur most often. Keeping a journal will be helpful to a Dermatologist in the diagnosis and treatment of your acne so take the guesswork out and leave it to the professionals. Consult online today with one of our board certified Dermatologist’s.

10 Skin Mistakes You’re Making Right Now

Girl cleansing skin.

  1. Not washing your face prior to bed

I’ve touched on this one quite a bit, especially for those of you who wear cosmetics on a regular basis. Not cleansing your skin or removing cosmetics before bed is detrimental to your skin on so many levels. Your skin needs time to breathe and repair itself so when you head straight to bed without washing your face you put yourself at risk for breakouts, dry skin, and a dull appearance. Wash your face no matter how tired you are…because the gorgeous glow is so worth it.

  1. Not wearing sunscreen

This one seems like a no brainer but wearing sunscreen should be a part of your daily skincare routine. Not only does an SPF protect you from the sun’s harmful rays, it also acts as an anti-aging mechanism. Best way to incorporate sunscreen into your routine daily? Use a BB cream, foundation, or tinted moisturizer with an SPF already in it.

  1. Over-exfoliating

When faced with a blemish or acne sometimes people tend to go overboard with exfoliation by excessively scrubbing in hopes their acne or blemishes will disappear. Truth is, you’re doing more harm than good. Exfoliation is a process used to slough off dead skin cells. So when you over-exfoliate, you aren’t giving your skin the time it needs to produce cell turnover…thus causing your skin to become irritated.

  1. Giving up before seeing results

Like anything, all good things come with time. It can take anywhere from 6-8 weeks to see results when implementing a new regimen.  So be quick to ditch your new routine, and consult with your Dermatologist if you truly feel the products aren’t working before stopping.

  1. Rubbing dry instead of patting

When drying your skin after cleansing it’s important to pat dry instead of rub as rubbing can lead to skin irritation. It’s also important to have towel dedicated solely to drying your face – don’t use the same towel you would your hands, and be sure to replace the towel frequently, as bacteria can form putting you at risk for breakouts.

  1. Using the same moisturizer year round

As the weather changes so does your skin. It’s important to review your skin routine as the seasons change to see what is and isn’t working. Skin tends to be drier throughout the cooler months so a moisturizer that is a little heavier may be what you need to combat dry skin.

  1. Picking at acne

Do I really need to go into this one? Yep. I know it is really hard not to pick at acne when the little buggers pop up but it is extremely important. When you pick at your acne it causes further irritation and inflammation leaving you with an unsightly little friend putting you at risk for acne scarring. So hands off, and you’ll be glad you did.

  1. Not taking care of your neck

Neglecting your neck is quite easy to do but with the right tools and knowledge there is hope. It’s important to treat your neck as you would your face when it comes to cleansing and moisturizing. This way as you begin an anti-aging routine, your neck isn’t neglected.

  1. Waiting too long to implement an anti-aging routine

You are never too young to start an anti-aging routine. The most important steps you can take with an anti-aging regimen are using sunscreen and moisturizer daily. Find a good cream that is meant for anti-aging. Prevention is key.

  1. Not going to the Dermatologist

Visiting a Dermatologist at least once a year is super important. You don’t have to have acne to see a Dermatologist. Why is it important? To get a yearly check of your whole body checking for any skin abnormalities like dark spot, moles or anything that seems unordinary.  When abnormalities are detected early, you have a greater chance for a positive outcome.


6 Beauty Habits You Should Adopt Now

6 Beauty Habits you should Adopt Now

By Meagan Anne Hegler

Blackheads, pimples, and wrinkles, OH MY! Here are 6 beauty habits you should adopt into your routine because looking and feeling your best is so worth it.

  • Wear sunscreen daily.

    By Meagan Anne Hegler

    1.       Wear sunscreen daily.Sun exposure is the leading contributor to premature aging so it goes without saying sunscreen should be in the lead when it comes to your daily skin ritual. Use a broad spectrum sunscreen with at least 30 SPF which covers both UVA and UVB sunrays. It’s important to cover areas such as the face and neck and any other areas exposed to the sun. 

  • Moisturize.

    By Meagan Anne Hegler

    Moisturizing is crucial when it comes to taking care of your skin. Moisturizing will help you look and feel younger by supplying your skin with the hydration it needs for that youthful glow.  Moisturizing helps create a barrier that protects your skin from the elements as well as helps fill in the space between the cells giving your skin a smooth appearance. When shopping for a moisturizer make sure to take into account the type of skin you have as it plays an important role in what’s going to work best for you. 

  • Remove cosmetics completely at bed time.

    By Meagan Anne Hegler

    This one seems like a no brainer but it’s important to emphasize and revisit time after time, and not in a Cyndi Lauper kind of way. We want you to think of sleep as a restore and repair process when it comes to your skin. Now, how will your skin do this if it’s consistently being suffocated beneath cosmetics? It won’t! Make-up holds onto the free radicals in the environment which over time can break down healthy collagen causing fine lines and wrinkles. Consistently sleeping with cosmetics on puts your skin at risk for clogged pores and dreaded breakouts. So make sure to cleanse your face every night! A [great practice]( for those late nights or days you simply just can’t summon up the energy is to keep cleansing wipes next to your bed. This way you’ll never forget! 

  • Exfoliate.

    By Meagan Anne Hegler

    [Exfoliation]( has become one of my personal favorite topics when it comes to skin care. Exfoliation helps remove the dead skin cells that cover your skin, making it look dull and less smooth in appearance. As we age, our skins natural exfoliation process slows down, reducing cell turnover which results in accumulation of dry skin cells giving your skin a dull, lack-luster, unhealthy, or wrinkly appearance. In order to rejuvenate and keep your skin glowing and looking smooth it’s important to exfoliate which in turn promotes healthy cell turnover. Not only does exfoliation promote healthy skin, it also aids in the process of proper absorption of other things you apply to your skin as part of a routine such as a daily moisturizer. Bye bye dead skin!

  • Clear out old makeup.

    By Meagan Anne Hegler

    You heard correctly! Clear it out! Its time to dispose of old cosmetics, brushes, and sponges. Using old makeup puts you at risk for the transferring of bacteria to the skin which can cause clogged pores, breakouts, infections, and many other skin irritations.  Read this article by pop sugar on [when it’s time to toss it]( 

  • Visit a Dermatologist.

    By Meagan Anne Hegler

    You don’t have to have [acne]( to visit a Dermatologist.  It’s nice to get the opinion of a skin expert when it comes to caring for your skin. [Dermatologist’s]( provide many benefits and can point you in the right direction when it comes to creating a skin care routine/regimen that’s right for you. No time for an [office visit]( Great, download [our app]( in the app store today and get the care you need in four easy steps.