Face Mapping & What Your Skin Might Be Trying to Tell You


Acne face mapping and what your skin may be trying to tell you

Do you ever wonder why certain areas of your face or skin break out more often than others? Well, according to the concept of face mapping, acne flare ups and their location may mean more than just another blemish. What is face mapping? Face mapping is a form of skin analysis that helps us to understand the causes of spots or breakouts. While face mapping can help you discover underlying issues don’t be so quick to jump to conclusion when analyzing your breakouts. Allow some time to pass in order to rule out poor hygiene or skin infections. If you are still experiencing symptoms after 7 days then it’s time to consult with a Dermatologist to get to the root of the problem.

If you would like to create an acne face map to track your acne then there are several zones that you should pay attention to such as:

  • Forehead
  • Cheeks
  • Nose
  • Chin
  • Around the eyes
  • Around the ears

Keep a journal of where you break out and then map where the breakouts occur most often. Keeping a journal will be helpful to a Dermatologist in the diagnosis and treatment of your acne so take the guesswork out and leave it to the professionals. Consult online today with one of our board certified Dermatologist’s.

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