Acne Don’t!

Acne Don't by Virtual AcnePicking and Popping!

We have all committed this crime at some point throughout our lives and we am here to tell you why you shouldn’t! Picking and popping is one of the worst things you can do for your acne.  Why is that, you ask? When you pick at a pimple, blackhead, whitehead, etc., you are taking the risk of pushing the bacteria, dead skin cells or sebum caused by acne, further into the follicle. This can cause the follicle wall to rupture, which can potentially make the blemish much worse than it was in the first place.  This is where you start to see inflammation, redness, and a possible infection come into play…making a small blemish a big disaster.  Dealing with acne isn’t always easy but there are ways you can help treat a blemish when it shows up.   We recommend having a Spot Gel Treatment on hand because, as you know, acne is just unpredictable. Cleanse your skin daily once in the morning, once at night, and of course if you plan on hitting the gym or going on a run, always wash your face after a good sweat-sesh. Washing your face at night is the most necessary part of your skincare routine. And whatever you do, keep your hands off your face!

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